WAI 2017 Fast Pass

The 2017 Fast Pass event is sponsored by Conoco Phillips.

WAI Fast Passes and airline hiring briefings will again be available during WAI's upcoming annual conference.

WAI Fast Pass is a streamlined electronic registration process that assigns designated times for face to face meetings with companies who are hiring and have chosen to participate. A priority point system is used for distribution of the limited passes. Members are awarded one point for each year of WAI membership, plus two points for early conference registration, and one point for general conference registration.

Please read all information carefully and check back often for additional details. Page last updated: February 10, 2017

Fast Pass important dates to note:

January 4, 2017: Members will be notified to register for Fast Pass preferences
January 20, 2017: Cutoff date for choosing advance company preferences
February 6, 2017: Preference time slots are assigned
February 9, 2017: Passes left after advance preference assignment are released for first come, first serve

Women in Aviation International members with a full conference registration will be limited to three passes (as available). WAI members with one day registrations will be limited to two passes (as available). Passes cannot be purchased, you must be a current WAI member and you must be registered for the conference to be eligible to obtain a WAI Fast Pass. Fast Passes are non-transferable, companies will be checking in participants at their assigned times.

Fast Passes will only be available on Thursday, March 2, 2017 and Friday, March 3, 2017

Hiring Briefing Schedule

WAI has confirmation that these companies will be participating in the 2017 Fast Pass program. As of 2/1/2017

Atlas Air is now a participating company, times slots will be available to book beginning February 6, 2017!!

Alaska Airlines - Hiring Requirements

Atlas Air - Hiring Requirements

Delta Air Lines- Hiring Requirements

FedEx - Hiring Requirements

JetBlue - Hiring Requirements

Southwest Airlines - Hiring Requirements

United Airlines - Hiring Requirements




After logging in choose 'Fast Pass Time Slots' on the right sidebar.

  • If you are logging into the Members Area for the first time, your e-mail address is your user name and your membership number is your password.
  • If you have forgotten your membership number or password you may have a temporary password emailed to you. Here link: https://www.wai.org/user/password

NOTE: The number of passes for 2017 is very limited. Registration does not guarantee that you will receive a pass.

  • Members will be notified by email when they can login and select WAI Fast Pass preferences.
  • Physical passes will be included with the conference registration materials picked up on site.
  • WAI Fast Pass meetings are held in separate rooms outside of the exhibit hall to alleviate crowding and congestion of aisles. We are focused on implementing processes that reduce lines and wait times.
  • The companies participating in Fast Pass will NOT be taking resumes or interviewing in the exhibit hall. In fact, most of these companies will not have HR representatives at their booths in the exhibit hall.
  • If you did not receive your preferred company you can continue to check for available slots in the Members Area and make changes as others cancel or if a company adds additional staff, creating new slot options.
  • There will not be any standby slot options. The companies participating are bringing their maximum staff so if you don't have a Fast Pass in hand, you will not be able to have the one on one meeting with that company (although you can attend any of the companies' hiring briefings).
  • Participating companies will also present hiring briefings on Thursday and Friday to outline their basic application procedures, discuss current positions available and their requirements, as well as answer any frequently asked questions. These briefings will last 30-40 minutes. The hiring briefings only require a conference badge and are open seating.

Look for more details on this process as they are available on this page or email fastpass@wai.org with any questions. Our goal is to streamline the fast pass process and efficiently and effectively serve the needs of those members wishing to participate while maintaining an enjoyable conference experience for all.


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