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2008 Scholarship Winners

Airbus A320 Type Rating Certificate Scholarship
Janine E. Nunes

Airbus Leadership Grant
Barry Hulon Hyde
Elizabeth Scott Fleming

Airline Dispatcher's Federation Scholarship
Yasmina Soria

Airline Ground Schools, Inc.
Deborah Abingdon

Boeing Company Career Enhancement Scholarship
Dalila Giraldo
Carloyn Otto

Bombardier Lear Jet 31A pilot type rating Scholarship
Kimberley Morris Kelsey
Lydia Bretthauer

Bombardier Lear Jet Maintenance Training Scholarship
Stephanie D. Bliss

CAE SimuFlite Citation Corporate Aircraft Training Scholarship
Torea Rodrigues

Cessna "Earn a Private Pilot's Certificate" Scholarship
Krista Ambats

Cessna Scholarship for Citation Encore Type Rating
Tina Willman-Hammar

Commercial Airline Pilot Advance Training- Airline/Jet Transition Course Scholarship
Yuko Haseganwa

Continental Airlines 737 Flight Training Scholarships
Michelle Arcamuzi
Carrie Waring
Wendy Hales Mora
Cecilia Carey

Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation Scholarship
Jessica Nicole Carter

Delta Air Lines Aviation Maintenance Management/Aviation Business Management Scholarship
Diane M. Rehfeld
Morgen Anne Stone
Elizabeth Scott Fleming

Delta Air Lines Boeing B737-800 Type Rating Certificate Scholarships
Laurence Elizabeth Bonneau
Patricia Maria Cortez Jameson

Delta Air Lines Engineering Scholarships (Includes Conference Trip)
Elizabeth Scott Fleming

Delta Air Lines Maintenace Technology Scholarship
Morgen Anne Stone

Delta Connection Academy Scholarship
Lindasy Katrine Nesbit

Elisha Hall Memorial Scholarships - Wright Chapter
Laine D'Augustine

Express Jet Airlines Regional Jet Transition Course
Branden Tanko
Rachel Fish

FedEx Express Flight Scholarship
Lisa K DeRosse

FedEx Express Technical Operations Scholarship
Barry Hulon Hyde

FlightSafety CAPT-WAI Scholarship
Yuko Hasegawa

GAT Wings to the Future Management Scholarship
Susan Waddas

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It Scholarship
Terry Carbonell

Kathy K. Hodgkins Memorial Scholarship
Leihan Falley

Keep Flying Scholarship 2008
Christy Gavin

Lockheed Martin
April Dawn Phillips
Lauren Lynn Smalkowski
Caitlin Elizabeth Critchfield

New Horizons Memorial Scholarship
Terri Wolski
Renda V. Marsh
Shaye Dunn

Pratt & Whitney Maintenance Scholarships
Stephanie D. Bliss
Amy Kline
Kimberly Luebke

R-W Foundation
Charli Yvonne O'Malley

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Type Rating Scholarships
Mami Noguch
Apryl Cauthen
Kelly Harrington

Spirit of Aviation Scholarship
Stacy Booker

Telex Flight Training Scholarship
Amanda Steele

United Airlines 737 Type Rating Scholarship
Susan Kendrick
Laura Morrison

United Airlines CLR Scholarship
Michelle Bassanesi
Deidre Glaser
Crystal Harris
Jennifer Hunt
Wendy Johnson
Isabelle Maloney
Barbara Mitchell
Amanda Naylor
Erinn Sieben
Diana Sorensen
Michelle Stahl
Jamie Turner
Smantha Wilson

United Airlines Maintenance Scholarship
Jennifer Hunt
Susan Wadas

United Airlines Dispatch Scholarship
Alexandra Curto

WAI Washington State Chapter Scholarship
Monica Nicoleta Dinescu

Women in Aviation Management Scholarship
Jenna Marie Smith

Women in Aviation International Achievement Award
Lauren Lynn Smalkoski
April Dawn Phillips

Women in Corporate Aviation Career Scholarship
Elizabeth Partie

Women Military Aviators - Dream of Flight Scholarship
ENS Mary Ann Forster

Chuck Yeager Foundation WAI Scholarship Award
Caitlin Elizabeth Critchfield


2008 AWAM Scholarships

Abaris Training Scholarship
Awarded to Gisela Munoz
Yoshino Sugita
Elouisa Tanjutco

CAE Simuflite Maintenance Scholarship
Irma Medina-Mazon

FlightSafety International's Principles of Troubleshooting
Rhonda Lyons

Girard Aviation Maintenance Scholarship
Natasha Pelham

Horizon Air's Basic Principles of Troubleshooting
Anna Margaret Romer
Yoshino Sugita

JetBlue Maintenance Scholarship
Sousan Alexander
Gisela Munoz

Pratt & Whitney Maintenance Training Scholarship
Lisa Golden
Michelle Graceffa
Rhonda Lyons
Elouisa Tanjutco
Vanessa Tromm
Susan Wadas

Rice Family's "Helping Hand" Scholarship
Natasha Pelham
Jennie Untener
Joshua Hall

Southwest Airlines Maintenance Training
Sousan Alexander
Irma Medina-Mazon

"Tools Beneath Your Wings" Honoring Richard L. Waters
Diane Rehfeld
Jacob Young (TBYW Special Award)
Della Anderson (TBYW Special Award)

Aircraft Technical Book Company Scholarship
Reedley College, Reedley, CA

AWAM Student of the Year
Brittany England, Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology

AWAM Teacher of the Year
Greg Klein, Lake Area Technical Institute, Watertown, SD

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