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Professional Development Seminars


Foundations of Accomplishment

Sponsored by: XOJET, Inc. 

Presented by Amy Noland, Tracy Cotton, and Julie Spencer of The Boeing Company

Thursday, March 22  •  8:30-10:30 a.m.  •  Cost: $30 (ticket required)

This workshop focuses on discovering the true foundations of accomplishment and concentrates on predictive elements of an individual’s success. It shows why connections are so important and provides creative ways and tools on how to build solid relationships. You will learn how to strategically cultivate meaningful connections to accomplish more. The workshop utilizes fun, hands-on activities, group discussions, informative videos, quizzes, and storytelling. Register here.


Leading With a Coach Approach

Sponsored by: XOJET, Inc. 

Presented by Kris Palcho, Vanessa Blacknall-Jamison, Marti Hall and Angelique Talbot 

Thursday, March 22  •  11 a.m.-1 p.m.  •  Cost: $30 (ticket required)

Whether you’re a CFI, floor supervisor or company CEO, your journey in leadership can reach new heights by leading with a coach approach. Successful managers and leaders today are developing their coach skills in order to support and enhance employee performance and development, increase decision making skills, and build leadership bench strength within the organization. Leading with a coach approach promotes employee creativity, breakthrough performance and resilience, which gives organizations a real competitive edge. In these times of continuous change, coaching has never been more necessary. This hands-on workshop will provide an introduction to leading with a coach approach. We’ll explore the neuroscience behind basic coaching concepts, share fundamental tools used in leading with a coach approach, and practice key skills to build your coaching competency and foster a more positive attitude in the workplace. Register here. 


Résumé Writing and Interview Prep, from an Aviation Recruiter

Presented by Jennifer Potts 

Thursday, March 22  •  2:30-4:30 p.m.  •  Cost: $30 (ticket required)

Acing an interview for your dream job at your ideal company is a lot of pressure. What do you wear, what do you say, how do you act? But first, you must land the interview with a compelling résumé. Let an aviation recruiter, with industry knowledge, help you succeed! During this presentation, attendees will be provided examples of professional résumés, including formatting, verbiage, and do’s and don’ts. We’ll have a transparent, interactive discussion on how to dress, act, and present oneself during an interview. Even if you aren’t actively searching, come join us! Register here. 



Aerospace Educators Workshop

Sponsored by: Aurora Flight Sciences

Presented by FAA AVSED Team

Thursday, March 22  •  9 a.m.-noon (preregistration required)

With a predicted shortage of skilled employees for the growing number of aerospace jobs it is important that we develop programs that inspire students to pursue aviation careers. Join us in this interactive workshop where we will share with attendees simple, hands-on activities that can be brought into the classroom to teach aviation STEM skills. You will also hear from VIP guest speakers in the aerospace community. Register here. 

Minute Mentoring ®

Sponsored by: Aviation International News

Thursday, March 22  •  9-10:30 a.m. (preregistration required)

Students and young professionals are hungry for advice from experienced women who want to offer guidance and suggestions by sharing their experiences. Minute Mentoring brings the two groups together in an efficient and effective program. This fast-paced session, similar to speed dating, matches  professional leaders who want to share their life experiences with  future female rising stars.  Register here. 

Tap Into the Drone Market

Sponsored by:

 Friday, March 23  •  7-8:30 p.m.  (open to the public)

Are you a certified remote drone pilot looking to network with other female drone pilots? Or are you considering entering the fast-growing industry of unmanned aviation? This session, led by industry experts, is designed to answer those questions and many more from safe and responsible operations, rating requirements, best business practices and how to recruit and retrain top talent in this exploding segment of the industry.

Drone Track Link Here 

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